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2019 Run For Love – looking for the top ten most beautiful tourist couple activities

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2019 Run For Love – looking for the top ten most beautiful tourist couple activities

August 09
00:00 2019

August 7th, 2019 is the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, and also the Valentine’s Day of China – Double-Seventh Festival. The activity of the China Love Theme Scenic Alliance “2019 Run For Love – Finding the Top Ten Most Beautiful Traveling Couples” has been launched on August 7th, encouraging everyone to bravely express their love and use the “three-line love letter” form. Let more people feel the beauty and romance of the beginning.

The establishment of China Love Theme Scenic Alliance is based on the premise of adapting to the needs of tourism transformation under the new normal economy. Through love element as the carrier, with local characteristics and cultural connotation of the exchanges and cooperation platform, designed to unite and absorb domestic distinct theme for love scenic area, shape love brand projects.The members of the alliance included Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Spot, Hainan Sanya Tianyahaijiao Scenic Spot, Chongqing Black Valley Shilin Scenic Spot, and Guangdong Guanyinshan National Forest Park, Hunan Yueyanglou Junshan Island Scenic Spot, Anhui Huangshan Jade Valley (Lover Valley) Scenic Spot, Gansu Tunchang Guanegou Scenic Area, Shanxi Pushui Temple Scenic Area, Chongqing Siping Mountain Scenic Area, Ningxia Shapotou Scenic Area, and Jixian County Guanshan Grassland Scenic Area, a total of more than 10 domestic famous scenic spots.

Since its establishment in 2017, the Alliance has set its sights on the traditional festival of Double-Seventh Festival and launched the theme activities such as “Run for Love” to encourage everyone to express their love. This year, the Alliance has continued this theme activity on Double-Seventh Festival again. On the 7th, the grand opening of the Guanyinshan National Forest Park in Guangdong has been officially launched. The exclusive H5 interactive channel has also been officially launched. From August 7th to October 7th, as long as H5 uploads his own “three-line love letter” and has the opportunity to win the grand prize and spread the love in more forms.

In addition, after the event is launched, the top ten scenic spots has focused on “running for love” as the main background, and set off the romantic feelings of the love theme. How do you participate in the fresh and romantic activities created by so many well-known love scenes? In fact, the way to participate in this event can be said to be simple and fun:

Step 1: Write down the “Three Love Letters” of you and TA on the event page to mark the tourist attractions you most want to visit.

Step 2: Share the activity link to the circle of friends or Weibo, and invite friends to like your message.

Step 3: The top 66 who will eventually praise the most people will have a chance to get a surprise gift.

The prizes that everyone cares about were also exposed: the most romantic true love award, the most praised will receive 9999 cash prize; the most sweet companion award 2, the prize was Huawei mobile phone; the 30 winners who won the most fashionable travel award can get surprise benefits of 11 scenic spots in the year; the 33 most lovely fresh prize gifts were beautiful commemorative packages.

As the theme activity of the China Love Theme Alliance in 2019, “2019 Run For Love – looking for the top ten most beautiful tourist couples” has satisfied the people’s longing for a better life, and also fits the concept of the country to create a global tourism, and established a local tourism brand,enabling more excellent and distinctive scenic spots to enter the public’s field of vision, providing new tourism choices for the masses, stimulating the development of the tourism industry, opening up new tourism opportunities, and realizing scenic spots, places and tourism. The masses and other parties have a win-win situation. Who will spend the 2019 top ten most beautiful couples? let us wait and see!

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