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Prince Harry is Hiring Bodyguards – Here’s Why Others Should Consider It Too

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Prince Harry is Hiring Bodyguards – Here’s Why Others Should Consider It Too

January 22
20:24 2020

The decision by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to relocate to Canada has raised many questions about the implications. One of these is their security. With the Duke and Duchess of Sussex willingly giving up their royal titles, their high profile will not be affected and they will still be at risk of targeted security breaches. But with their royal privileges given up, is it time for Prince Harry to hire a bodyguard of his own?

Although private security guards and bodyguards in Canada are not allowed to carry sidearms, there are many benefits of hiring a bodyguard. Their popularity and effectiveness can be seen by the demand from senior politicians like Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Doug Ford for robust security that includes permanent bodyguards.

The value of hiring a bodyguard

With crime rates increasing in parts of the country – including gun crime in Toronto – more people might be looking for ways to boost their security arrangements and hiring a bodyguard – long associated with high profile celebrities only – might just be the unexpected trick up the sleeve that criminals are not expecting of everyday people.

“The debate over Prince Harry’s security arrangements when he moves to Canada has certainly put the topic of hiring a bodyguard on the table,” says a spokesperson for Northern Force Security, a Toronto company that offers bodyguard hire services as part of its extensive security portfolio. “Among the issues of who should pay for their security is genuine debate about the real price of safety in today’s increasingly violent society.”

What can hiring a bodyguard offer?

The modern-day bodyguard is highly trained across a number of security-related areas. As well as being physically imposing and adept at martial arts and weapon handling, today’s bodyguard is alert to the nuances of human psychology – meaning they can sense a threat before it’s had chance to act. They can also combine extensive geographic knowledge of city centres with the latest GPS technology to safely map out routes and identify the locations of likely security threats.

“For anyone seriously considering hiring a bodyguard, there is a range of security options available depending on what is needed,” added the Northern Force Security spokesperson. “These include event security guards to patrol specific events, security drivers to safely transport individuals and perhaps their families, and round-the-clock personal bodyguards to keep an eye on property and screen who is coming in and out.”

Only use fully licensed bodyguards

It is also recommended to hire a bodyguard who has a federal bodyguard license that covers their work for the whole country. This is because provincial licenses are easier to obtain and some untrained bodyguards have slipped the net, obtaining a license when they are not strictly fit to do so. A background security check should also be carried out, and it is advised to test any potential bodyguard on the skills they claim to have.

While crime rates in Canada still compare favourably to many other countries around the world, it still pays to stay safe, especially with a growing drug problem that is feeding the desperation of many to turn to crime.

About Northern Force Security

Northern Force Security is a Toronto full security firm that was founded by former military professionals and experts in anti-terrorism tactics. They offer full risk assessment and security training programmes and provide clients with security ranging from personal bodyguards and building concierges to mobile patrols and VIP protection.

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