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QLD Estate Lawyers emerges as the one-stop platform for will dispute services in Queensland

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QLD Estate Lawyers emerges as the one-stop platform for will dispute services in Queensland

May 11
04:06 2022
QLD Estate Lawyers is providing seasoned, highly efficient, prompt, and cost-effective expert legal services for will, estate, and probate matters in all areas of Queensland.

Brisbane, Queensland – May 10, 2022 – Wills are made to avoid conflicts during distribution of estate or property after the death of a person. However, not all wills are created equal and at times, a potential beneficiary of the deceased might find himself/herself being unfairly left out of the will. In that light, QLD Estate Lawyers is extending industry-leading will dispute services across Queensland to ensure all the potential beneficiaries of a will receive fair and just distribution of the estate of the deceased.

QLD Estate Lawyers is a specialty law firm that specializes in will disputes. The firm is dedicated to bring justice for estate administrators, beneficiaries, and dependents of a deceased person who have been unfairly cut off from a will. QLD Estate Lawyers also extends expert professional advice to estate executors on every major task and responsibilities to be performed by an estate executor. 

Per the statements of Peter Carter, the founder of QLD Estate Lawyers, a lot of people are not aware that they are legally allowed to dispute or contest a will if they think they have been left out of the will. Some people who know might be apprehensive to dispute fearing high court fees but in most of the cases, the will dispute cases can be settled outside the court only. In case some dispute lawsuits need to be tried in court, QLD Estate Lawyers is experienced to represent clients for court trials. 

“Every person has the basic right to create their will as they please to but it would be unfair if the will leaves out the deserving beneficiaries, dependents, and immediate family members. Worse, a lot of people are not aware that Queensland law does ‘allow’ a dependent or family member of the deceased to file a lawsuit for estate allocation if the former is suffering because of being overlooked or inadequately provided for in the will. This is where QLD Estate Lawyers comes to help. We are a specialty law firm for will disputes and hold years of experience in successful mediation and court trials. Put simply, we are committed to ensure you receive your fair share of the will if you have been left in lurch due to an inadequate, unfair, incomplete, or unfair will”, stated Peter. 

“Administrators, financial dependents, beneficiaries and relatives need to know what might be involved if a dispute arises for example by reason of potential beneficiaries left out of a relative’s will.” 

Peter stressed that a person can raise a will dispute or contest a will on multiple grounds. One is, when a spouse, child, or a dependent of the deceased has been left out of a will or has received inadequate pay. If the Court finds the case in favour of the person who files the lawsuit, it can order redistribution or estate or order to vary the provisions of the will. A potential beneficiary of a will is also legally eligible to contest his/her entitlement to benefits if the deceased died without making a valid will. 

Added to these, there are certain grounds where a will will be considered as an “invalid”, enabling potential beneficiaries or estate administrators to dispute the will. A will might be considered as invalid if the person lacked sound mental capacity (due to some ailment, say dementia) while drafting the will. Then, the will will also be considered to be “invalid” if it is proved to be a forged one or a draft that has been made under the undue influence of a person. 

“Queensland has made laws to ensure no deserving party is left out of a will and/or deprived of their fair share of the will. And, at QLD Estate Lawyers, we leave no stone unturned to assure you receive your due share.” 

What keeps QLD Estate Lawyers ahead of the curve in dispute cases it’s the firm’s specialty and extensive experience in will disputes, estate planning, and estate administration. The firm holds expertise in an extensive range of areas, ranging from estate planning to contesting a will to making a will to managing Letters of Administration to challenging a will that has been made under undue influence to obtaining probate to assisting with administration & trustee services to overseeing coma and dementia wills, and more. QLD Estate Lawyers also handles life insurance, death benefit, and superannuation with the deceased’s insurance broker. 

“Our expert team of will dispute lawyers have worked on all legal aspects of will and estates.

From setting up a will to overseeing complicated estate plans to providing assistance for administering an estate to contesting invalid/inadequate wills to assisting with probate lawyers- QLD Estate Lawyers handles all these and more.”

Driven by the ethos of complete customer satisfaction, QLD Estate Lawyers supports each client with personalized attention.  

“We know every case is different and we always follow a customized approach with each of our clients. When you consult us, you will always find a patient and compassionate expert will dispute a lawyer waiting to hear all your concerns. We support our clients with adequate room and space so that they can freely discuss in detail about their case. Based on the consultation, our lawyers chalk out the most effective outcome in the most efficient manner and as fast as possible. Regardless of your particular issue, we will help to save you both time and money, and also stress.” 

Much to the convenience of clients, QLD Estate Lawyers has come up with a FREE assessment calculator on their website. Clients can use the calculator to assess the strength of their case or possible outcomes through the calculator for free.  

The free assessment calculator can be used in a wide range of circumstances –

  • To decide if other family member/s might contest a will
  • To decide if the beneficiary or dependent or family member has been unfairly left out of a will
  • To decide if the clients has adequate grounds to challenge or contest a will
  • To check whether the client needs letters of administration or probate
  • To check whether the will is invalid

Another major factor that has made QLD Estate Lawyers the go-to law firm for will dispute cases in Queensland is their approach to flexible finance. The firm offers the option of Deferred Fees arrangement to every client, especially those who are passing through financial hardships.  

As per the Deferred Fees arrangement, clients will not have to pay any fees upfront. QLD Estate Lawyers will assess the client’s claim without obligation- the client will only have to pay when the funds will be made available for the estate.   

“QLD Estate Lawyers is committed to the comfort and convenience of clients. Disputing a will is a stressful situation, especially if you have nor or inadequately provided in the will. The condition could be worse for people who are financially dependent on the deceased. We do take into account that you will face financial hardships when you will have to contest a will. In that light, we have come up with a Deferred Fee Arrangement system where we relieve you of the burden of upfront payment while assessing your case. You could be a beneficiary or an administrator or a beneficiary- if we accept your case for a Deferred Free Arrangement, you will only have to pay when you will receive funds from the estate.” 

Any client willing to file a case with QLD Estate Lawyers can apply for Deferred Fee Arrangement. Upon application, the firm will investigate the specific circumstances of the client to ensure his/her eligibility for the said fee arrangement. QLD Estate Lawyers extends the Deferred Fee Arrangement on a case-by-case basis to claims and entitlements that prove to be worthy of substantial legal merit. 

“As your responsible legal expert, we will suggest you to conserve your financial resources while contesting a will. It’s extremely important for you to acquire full knowledge of each of the fees and expenses involved in the case to avoid unwanted surprises in near future. We support all our clients with a written agreement that specifies the expenses to be met on your behalf and the facility of Deferred Fee Arrangement, if applicable. The agreement will also mention our obligation to proceed with your case in a timely manner and our guarantee of providing you with regular updates inn a timely manner.” 

About QLD Estate Lawyers 

A name of big repute in the Queensland legal scene, QLD Estate Lawyers is a specialty law firm for wills, estate, and probate matters. The firm holds extensive experience in handling all kinds of legal matters related to will and estate, ranging from making a will to contesting a will to obtaining a probate to providing specialist legal support for administrator and trustee services, and more. The firm is renowned for practical, highly efficient, seasoned, as well as cost-effective outcomes. QLD Estate Lawyers also supports clients with free assessment calculators to help them check the strength of a case before filing a lawsuit. 

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