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JJW Consultancy attend the Environmental Charity in Singapore

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JJW Consultancy attend the Environmental Charity in Singapore

September 17
19:42 2019

The pollution levels we are all exposed to rises year by year. With such concerns globally, many charities and organizations try to hold annual conferences and events to raise awareness and money to help combat this major issue.

These events are held all over the world, with companies and people from all walks of life attending to help make a positive change.

Amongst some of the more notable firms in attendance, JJW Consultancy, a financial service company in Singapore, spoke about the subject, and expressed how important this issue was to the company.

Mr. Edwards, from JJW Consultancy said:

“We are very passionate about this subject. We believe that regardless of what field of work you are in, or what impact you believe you personally, or as a company have on the environment, you should feel a sense of responsibility for the future of humanity and how we, as a whole, affect the world we live in. With that in mind, we should all do our part in any way that we can to ensure a cleaner and brighter future for generations to come.

“We cannot just sit back and expect things to automatically get resolved and we will all be okay. We have to make a conscious decision and put a global plan in place to make sure that the future is one we help change for the better.”

Everyone attending the event had an eye opening experience, and walked away one step closer to understanding how they can help make a change globally.

It was very inspiring to see so many companies and individuals coming together to speak about such an important issue that not only affects us immediately, but for generations to come.

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