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Canadian Blinds Pros are Making Headlines with their Customized Approach to Zebra Blinds

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Canadian Blinds Pros are Making Headlines with their Customized Approach to Zebra Blinds

December 16
16:24 2019
For Sheer Functionality and Distinguished Design, Zebra Blinds Gaining in Popularity in the GTA.

Canadian Blind Pros of Toronto are showing that they are the “go to” company for zebra blinds in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).  Zebra blinds are exploding in popularity because of their functionality and their overall awesome design and visual appeal.  Zebra blinds are so named as each blind is comprised of a light and dark strip that is then placed in sequence throughout the blind, giving it a “zebra” like look.

Zebra blinds can be horizontal or vertical, and come in an astounding array of styles and colors.  

Whether used for commercial purposes or residential the popularity of zebra blinds in the GTA is gaining more momentum each day and Canadian Blinds Pros are staying on top of this trend and setting themselves apart with their custom approach to these blinds and great customer service.  Each client is treated individually and response from the company is fast.  Several rooms can receive different styles and treatments, and an eye for design and visual appeal set this company apart. 

Unlike bamboo blinds, zebra blinds offer more design options and applications. 

Although bamboo blinds are still popular and are also offered by Canadian Blinds Pros, the zebra blind trend is happening because of the added design options these blinds give.  They are just as attractive, if not more so as the bamboo blinds and can be just as cost-effective.  Zebra blinds are also more customizable, although two blinds might be needed for odd-sized windows.  They do a superior job of blocking light and heat and can be adjusted to varying levels of light and heat exposure. 

Zebra blinds have so many advantages over other types of blinds its astounding.

Appearance of course, is one, but they also offer superior light and heat filtering, especially in the muggy days of summer in the GTA.  Privacy is another great factor in a client choosing zebra blinds, and they are great for both home and office uses, as the amount of light filtering in as well as cool air coming in can be easily adjusted with zebra blinds.  Customization is at the top of the list of many clients choosing zebra blinds, and so many great benefits exist that the demand for this type of window treatment is exploding. 

Zebra blinds are an effective method of blocking out the humidity in the GTA.

Surprisingly, although Canada itself and the GTA are considered cooler than a lot of other countries, there is a period after the spring, where muggy, humid conditions can be extended, right up until late September sometimes.  Zebra blinds provide relief from this humidity while still allowing light into a home or business, depending on the choices made by the client in the adjustments of the blinds.  There are also insulating qualities to zebra blinds, where cool air is kept in and hot air kept out.  This is also true of the winter months, but in reverse, where hot air is kept in and the colder air kept out.  Since many variations of temperature do exist across the provinces and territories of Canada, Canadian Blinds Pros can provide zebra blinds that meet all climatic variations.  All the GTA would do well to check out the possibility of zebra blinds and find out for themselves how really functional and beautiful this type of window treatment can be.  Contacting Canadian Blinds Pros for an initial consultation is a great place to start. 

About Canadian Blinds Pros

Serving the GTA for years, Canadian Blinds Pros of Toronto, ON is offering all styles of window blinds treatments to the Greater Toronto Area.  The offerings now include zebra blinds which have become enormously popular in this region in the past few years.  Knowledgeable consultants who visit a property, and make suggestions and take measurements, are the reason why this company is popular, as well as their great customer service, with service calls to their clients for the setup of the zebra blinds. 

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