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The Billionaire Deals On The Top List Of The Best Lifestyle Management & Business Consulting Companies In The World

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The Billionaire Deals On The Top List Of The Best Lifestyle Management & Business Consulting Companies In The World

February 12
17:06 2021
Clients get expert advice on how to live a life of luxury and manage their resources. The company is headed by a CEO with a vision to help clients achieve authentic experiences

Living a life of luxury can be challenging, especially for people who’re always busy with work and family life. That’s why The Billionaire Deals was created, to help people live the kind of life they deserve.  

The Billionaire Deals is a lifestyle management, advisory & consulting firm, with the primary aim of providing everything their client needs to live in luxury, style, and affluence. Most customers of the company are politicians, government institutions, and well-known entrepreneurs, who are desiring authentic experiences.  

Every client that comes to the company has something they want to achieve in their lifestyle and business. The Billionaire Deals is always ready to answer their request and help them achieve success.  

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The Billionaire Deals was founded in Paris, 2010, with the sole purpose of providing consultation for people who want to executive the luxurious life they desire. Today, the company is worth more than 1.4 billion dollars, offering services to people in different industries and levels in society. They are the only business consulting company that provides VVIP consulting membership (the billionaire deals excellence).  

They offer services for individuals, organizations, and other entities. Their vast experience and ability to achieve anything within the scope of their expertise is the reason why clients appreciate them. As a reliable advisory body, they provide services in audit and insurance, global business, strategy and operations, human capital, merger and acquisition, financial crisis, etc.  

The Billionaire Deals Excellence Club offers Lifestyle & Business Management memberships. Three excellence membership options for clients. The Excellence Gold Card is catered for individuals only, offering no service charges and unlimited lifestyle management services. The Excellence Platinum Card is the most popular membership option. In addition to the features of the Gold Card, it also offers multiple authorized users, no limit on services request, and no limit on territory coverage, and so on. The most revered membership option is the Black Card (By invitation Only), which is a status symbol dedicated to 247365 VVIP services that can be customized. 

Behind every great organization is a visionary leader who drives the wheel and ensure success. The CEO and founder of The Billionaire Deals is Mr. Anis Prince Dache, a former chief of presidential protocol and former diplomat. Despite being very young, he has achieved so much, helping people live a life of luxury, the way they dream it. The CEO is listed on the billionaire’s list under 30 years old.  

The company doesn’t use social media at all. The reason is that most of their targeted customers are entrepreneurs who don’t have time for TV and social media. Since established, the company has won 139 international awards, served over 19,000 satisfied clients, and played the role of advisor-consultant to more than 3,000 people and organizations.  

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