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What Dennis Schneider learned from managing over 1 mio. USD in ad budget for SOMEO GmbH’s Clients

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What Dennis Schneider learned from managing over 1 mio. USD in ad budget for SOMEO GmbH’s Clients

October 27
17:25 2021
Everybody talks about Social Media Advertising and algorithms but surprisingly his learnings have nothing to do with running the ad itself.

Dennis Schneider is the CEO of SOMEO GmbH, an agency based in Bad Homburg, Germany. In the past years, while running ads for big and small companies, Dennis realized that most companies and agencies put way to much emphasis on the algorithms and technical details of social media advertising.

“The biggest part of the ROI is not generated thanks to the perfect optimization on the ad platforms, but rather thanks to the creative that is being put out,” Dennis says. He further explains that optimizing the target group, setting the right conversions, analyzing costs per click everyday or trying to “hack” the algorithm is not what helps companies achieve their desired return on investment.

The real variable of success on social media is always the creative that has been produced and is being put out. Of course, he says, it has to be delivered to the ideal audience. But most of this is actually done by the platforms, like Facebook or LinkedIn, whose algorithms analyze the actions of the chosen audience and optimize the delivery of the ads for the advertiser.

In the earlier days of social media advertising when costs per 1,000 impressions where extremely low advertisers could get away with bad creatives as the sheer quantity of people reached made up for it. But now as competition increases creativity, relevance and analytics are the important skills in generating the best results possible.

Dennis advice for everyone is to stop focusing on irrelevant KPI’s, stop trying to over-engineer the customer journey and start focusing in putting creative, new and relevant content in front of an audience of ideal customers. Whether by running ads or trying to build an audience the organic way: creativity will always come out on top. Part of producing relevant content is putting the ego aside and start focusing on what the target group really wants to see and hear.

Dennis and his agency’s slogan “Drive your business higher” is exactly what they focus on by consulting and assisting clients in process automation, customer acquisition, brand building and business development. 

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