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Shot Call’a Games – introducing a new way to play drinking card games and evolving the industry.

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Shot Call’a Games – introducing a new way to play drinking card games and evolving the industry.

July 29
00:57 2022

Shot Call’a Games’ first release set afoot in April 2022 with the release of the social drinking card game everyone’s been raving about, “Shot Call’a: Gettin Litty With My Friendies”. The launch was kicked off with a photoshoot event in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

In an interview, Gunn describes the game as a revealing mix between the traditional method of playing a drinking card game – where you read the card and if it applies to you, take a shot or sip – and storytelling, which has been his background for over a decade.

“It’s a social drinking card game where the players have to tell the short but sweet story behind “why” they took the shot or sip.”

Gunn has been expressing excited to embark upon this journey and bring more laugher, stories, and people together. 

“Since launch, our conversion rates have been consistently over 4%, which in the world of ecommerce you usually se companies fall closer to 2%. This shows that there is a demand in the market for what we are offering and that we are fulfilling that demand – all without activating paid ads, yet.”

The social media accounts for Shot Call’a Games are packed with genuine laughter and good times from game players all over the country. 

More on the CEO:

Tony Gunn Jr., a St. Louis native, is a father, entrepreneur, author, youth engagement speaker, comedian, recording artist, and Missouri State University graduate. He graduated from MSU with three degrees: Computer Information Systems (2018), IT – Infrastructure (2019), and Business Analysis (2020). Outside his expansion into the drinking card game industry, Gunn has written and published 11 books, and been involved with numerous nonprofits with impactful initiatives. These efforts led him to meeting President Barack Obama in 2019. Two things formed for Gunn’s meeting with Pres. Obama and training from the Obama Foundation: his new found direction for creating children’s literature with African-American male protagonists, and a nonprofit initiative, Project You Belong (PYB). PYB focuses on planting and cultivating the seed in the minds of Black boys and young men that they should be afforded the same opportunities as the rest of society. PYB demonstrates this by engageful conversations about mental health and suicide prevention, and reinforces it with literary elements (i.e. storyboard making, vision boards, shot story writing, etc.). Taking head on, the goal of battling stereotypes and statistics. 

Not many have grazed shoulders with presidents, and fewer still have been inspired by them to start an institution. Both are true for Tony Gunn Jr.

“Through that work and my books, I became an advocate and example in that organization. I got the opportunity to meet former President Barack Obama. I was informed on my birthday in December 2018 that I could go meet him in San Francisco. The thought of it was breathtaking. But just sitting in the room with him was a chilled, relaxed environment. His approach and demeanor just made him feel like an uncle. I gave him my latest novel. Since then, I have been able to talk with Obama virtually a few times.”

The drinking card game industry is certainly a leap away from Gunn’s usual lane, but the data shows Shot Call’a Games, LLC certainly knows what they are doing and up against.

The more you know:

Gunn doesn’t drink alcohol! Yes, you read that right. But he was determined to make a great, relatable drinking card game.

“I know a vegan-chef who owns Chicago Smerqs, in Springfield, MO, who smokes a great stock of meats. If he can do that, and be vegan, then why can’t I not drink, but make a great drinking card game.”

There’s no doubt here, Gunn. Keep it coming!

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