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DIFX collaborates with Crypto Oasis to strengthen its position in the competitive global crypto industry.

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DIFX collaborates with Crypto Oasis to strengthen its position in the competitive global crypto industry.

August 05
18:12 2022

The partnership of Crypto Oasis and DIFX brings together two organizations that value innovation and decentralization. DIFX has joined the Crypto Oasis ecosystem to help bridge the gap between digital and traditional assets.

DIFX is a #Blockchain-based platform with new solutions such as The Nomination Program, Fully-insured Wallets, and cross-asset #trading. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: DIFX, an EU-regulated crypto exchange, has reached a significant milestone in its Blockchain journey by joining Crypto Oasis, the world’s fastest-growing crypto ecosystem.

DIFX will establish its position as the leading cross-asset trading platform in the global #crypto #market with the help of Crypto Oasis’ world-class expertise and infrastructure. Their exchange connects people, prime #brokers, and companies while also delivering simple, effective, and secure cross-border payment and trading solutions.

This collaboration is an important step forward for DIFX as they seek to increase the global use of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. It also corresponds with DIFX’s voyage into various crypto hotspots in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Furthermore, by optimizing the use of Blockchain technology, DIFX makes digital #assets accessible to both newbies and seasoned Blockchain enthusiasts. It is a safe, inclusive, dependable, and simple-to-use platform that elevates the customer experience.

Users of DIFX have access to a fully-insured crypto wallet, which ensures their funds are secure at all times against theft, hacking, or malpractice. Furthermore, DIFX distinguishes itself with its revolutionary Nomination Program, which allows users to nominate family and friends as beneficiaries via a Blockchain-based asset transferring method. Users can choose up to five people, in varying percentages, to receive their DIFX wallet funds following their death with this program.

As a result, they are safeguarding their digital wealth for future generations. These distinct qualities contribute to DIFX’s aim of increasing Blockchain adoption and establishing a new financial order in which consumers may maintain multi-asset portfolios and effortlessly trade, invest, and hold various asset classes. DIFX’s ambitions to reach a user base of over 5 million by the end of 2023 will be supported by Crypto Oasis.

What does it all mean?

“We are pleased to have DIFX onboard to help them grasp chances that potentially alter the crypto market with their vision and technology,” said Ralf Glabischnig, Founder of Crypto Oasis. Their emphasis on expansion as a trade ecosystem and establishing a worldwide business aligns with ours.

“DIFX will be able to communicate with other industry members and extend its visibility in the global crypto market as a member of the Crypto Oasis Ecosystem. More importantly, it will benefit from an ecosystem strategy in collaboration with sister organizations in the decentralized exchange and NFT area. DIFX CEO and Co-Founder Jeetu Kataria see this agreement as a critical step toward DIFX’s goal of being a completely secure, safe, and regulated trading environment for crypto customers.”

”Crypto Oasis has provided us with the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded industry leaders and become a leading part of the crypto community and its route to mass acceptance,” he said.

“With numerous resources accessible, those willing to put in extra effort and immerse themselves in the problem at hand will prevail, paving the road for mainstream adoption to become a reality,” he added.

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