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Dealing with Bedsure Electric Product Error Codes: Problems & Solutions

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Dealing with Bedsure Electric Product Error Codes: Problems & Solutions

September 24
00:50 2022

One of the first error codes users might encounter is the “F” Error or Black Screen. This particular code signifies a connection error which might be a result of a poor connection between the product and the power cord, damaged wiring due to excessive machine washing, or tangled cords. The control panel will flash the F error multiple times when it detects the problem.

To resolve this particular problem, Bedsure recommends that users return all the settings of the device to their default modes. This can be achieved by disconnecting the power cord and leaving the device unplugged for at least 3 minutes.

Another problem users might encounter with the products is discovering that the heating isn’t functioning properly. To combat this, users can try setting it to the highest heating level when turning on the heated products. 

All Bedsure products are designed according to stringent safety standards and regulations, and as such do not have heating wires on the edges. This may lead to a temperature difference between the middle and the edge of our product.

Safety Notice: Please lay the heated blanket flat when in use. Do not fold, knead it into a ball, or lay on it.

The controller of the faux fur low voltage heated blanket is different from other heated blankets and uses a smiley face controller. The following is the usage specification of the smiley face controller.

● Heat Setting: simply press the smiley face in the center of the controller. The four colors, green, blue, orange, and red, represent the four temperature settings from low to high.

● Timer setting: press down on the smiley face until four small dots appear on the left. These represent the four-timer settings 1, 2, 3, and 4 hours from bottom to top. If the timer isn’t set, the blanket will automatically shut down in 4 hours.

When setting the time, wait for the white dot to blink before performing other operations.

If the error codes persist or the product is not functioning properly, please reach out to Bedsure via the contact info below.

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