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Cozy Fabrics Introduces Premium Cashmere Scarf Made In Inner Mongolia

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Cozy Fabrics Introduces Premium Cashmere Scarf Made In Inner Mongolia

October 26
18:30 2022

Cashmere is one of the world’s most luxurious fabrics. It has been revered for centuries for its ultra soft handfeel and supreme warmth, despite having a featherlight texture. Often known as soft gold or fiber diamond, this one-of-a-kind fabric is rare and precious. It can only be obtained from mountain goats from a few specific regions of the world. One of those regions in particular is prized for having the highest quality cashmere of all. Below we’ll be sharing why Inner Mongolian cashmere is the most coveted variety.

The Origins Of Cashmere

Cashmere goats can be found across several high altitude locations across Asia, from the Himalayas in India and Nepal to the plateaus of Tibet and China. But it’s the Altai and Helan mountains of Inner Mongolia that produces the world’s finest cashmere.

The hauntingly beautiful sand dunes of the Gobi desert are home to the white Capra hircus goats that produce the sumptuous fabric. This remote region has one of the most extreme climates on the planet with its long, harsh winters and scorchingly hot summers.

The resilient cashmere goats of the region are a marvel of nature. Their unique fleece has adapted over centuries to allow them to thrive in the desert. Its outer layer protects the goats from the elements, while the delicate inner fleece provides unparalleled insulation. This soft lining, found on the goat’s underbelly, is where cashmere is derived from.

A Legacy Of Nature

Inner Mongolian cashmere is a celebration of centuries-old traditions and the balance of nature. It has connected nomadic Mongolian goat herders with the land and become a vital part of their culture.

Herders have lived in harmony with goats for thousands of years. A respectful relationship has always been crucial for their survival in the desert; many Mongolians compare their relationship with goats to the relationship between fish and water.

Cashmere cultivation has always been sustainable and natural. It’s a result of the evolution of herders, goats, and their relationship. As herders pass their traditions down from generation to generation over the course of centuries, the refinement process is able to continually improve.

Herders have a deep knowledge of their land and the animals within it. They are in tune with the natural fleece shedding cycle of the goats, and are always able to determine the right time to collect cashmere without causing harm to the goats.

Inner Mongolian cashmere can absolutely be considered an environmentally-friendly and ethical product. It is natural, biodegradable, and contributes to the economic well-being of Mongolian herders while allowing them to preserve their traditional way of life.

The Inner Mongolian Cashmere Difference

Inner Mongolian cashmere is treasured for its ultra-soft hand feel, clean white color, attractive luster, and supreme fineness. The fibers have a width of less than 16 microns; to put things into perspective, other regions produce cashmere up to 19 microns in width.

Inner Mongolia is currently responsible for 40% of the world’s entire cashmere processing output. Experts agree that Inner Mongolian cashmere has a higher quality than that of other countries and regions on the same latitude, making it the most prized cashmere in the world.

Where Can You Buy Cashmere From Inner Mongolia?

Many luxury brands, such as Loro Piana, source or directly purchase their cashmere from Inner Mongolia. Their pieces are worthy investments, but those looking to enjoy luxury for less can still find high quality Inner Mongolian cashmere at an attainable price point.

Cozy Fabrics is an excellent choice for authentic Inner Mongolian cashmere with a great value. Their pieces are made with high quality fibers from the world’s premier cashmere destination. Find soft and cozy accessories that will keep you feeling warm and looking chic all season long at Cozy Fabrics.

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