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Businesses Use Celebrity Endorsements and Celebrity Influencers to Recover Lost Profits in Q4-2022

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Businesses Use Celebrity Endorsements and Celebrity Influencers to Recover Lost Profits in Q4-2022

October 31
22:33 2022
  • Celebrity influencers are the face of 74.5% of corporate streaming, and social media marketing in 2022. (
  • Celebrity endorsement/influencers amount to between $10k-$500k of over 50% of companies annual marketing budget. (
  • Celebrity fame is all relative to the audience, brand, and media messaging. (
  • Businesses and brands believe that celebrities are still effective, and relevant. (


BLOOMFIELD, NJ – The most well known celebrities, almost-famous, and even infamous share a common goal in Q4 anticipating online marketing budgets, and holiday profits. According to ( online year and holiday sales of both goods and services are expected to top over $1.7 trillion dollars. Navigating the celebrity talent options is easier than it used to be, but it is not without its potential complications. Booking fees vary greatly, and contract details are more of an art than a business. This is why more than ever partnering with a celebrity talent agency with decades of experience is recommended by top marketing, and PR firms globally. (


Celebrity endorsements and influencers are not just on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok and network/cable television anymore. While brick and mortar retailers struggle, online marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba, and DTC websites are bigger, and stronger than ever. In-home and mobile streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney-Plus, HBO Max, Peacock, Apple-TV, and dozens more are now programmatic marketplaces for celebrity influenced advertising. ( Over the past 3 years the pandemic drove record numbers of consumers indoors, and online looking for goods, and services whose effective celebrity endorsement has been shown to add high perception of value. (

“The real art in this business is to get everyone what they want, which includes price, quality, and effective results. Making everyone happy is not easy, but we love the challenge, and we are proud of the work that goes into every booking”. – Lauie Kessler, CEO


Matching the right level of celebrity fame or in-fame to a brand, corporation, event, and charity is what celebrity talent insiders do every day. The relationships that matter are already in place with the celebrities’ agents, assistants, legal and business management team members. In most cases a history of fee structures, bonuses, and compensation packages has been addressed in prior engagements thus saving clients time and money. These celebrity services range from full run infomercials, video cameo snippets, social media re-posting, commenting, and direct posts to their audience/followers which can number in the millions. The Celebrity Source is an example of an agency with over 35 years experience, working directly with brands, and companies, as well as partnering with PR, and Marketing Agencies as their “Celebrity Talent Arm/Division.” You can subscribe to the informative Celebrity Source Newsletter and read more here.


The Celebrity Source has been in business for 35 years – run by entertainment, marketing and media specialist Laurie Kessler, and Hollywood-native and celebrity expert Rita Tateel. The Celebrity Source prides itself on its business ethics, best of brand service, and the unique ability to match the most authentic celebrity talent directly, and as an agency vendor with global companies, charities, and brands. Read more about quoted as celebrity experts in numerous publications and media sources including CNN, The Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, Playboy, L.A. Times, N.Y. Times, N.Y. Post, PRWeek, among others.

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