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Subin Hahn breaks barriers by offering gender-fluid fashion

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Subin Hahn breaks barriers by offering gender-fluid fashion

January 09
20:27 2023
The brand empowers individuals by designing clothes that celebrate diversity, individuality, and ambiguity. Subin Hahn’s Fluidwear aims to redefine the concept of unisex clothing from predominantly masculine to embracing elements of femininity.

With changing trends in the fashion world, the market for gender-neutral clothing has largely been untapped. More so, most unisex brands have traditionally focused on masculine styles. Subin Hahn Fluidwear seeks to break the barriers and craft unique gender-fluid fashion pieces that adopt and appreciate feminine elements. 

Celebrates ambiguity 

The brand’s collection includes tees, sweatshirts, bags, shoes, and ready-to-wear pieces, ranging from affordable casuals to luxury. Each piece showcases the designer’s commitment to celebrating the uniqueness and individuality of non-binary fashion. All articles are limited edition and designed to carry effortlessly throughout all seasons. 

Embracing true self

According to a brand representative, “We at Subin Hahn wish to represent the aesthetic and fashion sense of all non-conformists, regardless of gender or pronouns they identify with. Our vision is to work past gender stereotypes for clothing and create pieces that are true to the soul. Clothes that help bring out the inner you and celebrate your individuality and uniqueness.”

“Our designs are focused on pieces that help bring out your inner flair and personality. We believe that any individual has the capacity to pull off any clothing they wish to. Whether it be power suits, skirts or dresses, break away from societal constructs and wear what best represents you.”

Themed Collections and Artistic Projects

The Subin Hahn brand caters to non-binary fashion. The pieces are versatile and can be worn by people from all walks of life, regardless of age or gender. Each of the collections features a theme around which the pieces are curated. One of the brand’s 2022 projects, “Movements of Tomorrow,” based on their first fluidwear collection, features stunning pieces centered around themes of life, death, resurrection, and the hopes for a better tomorrow. 

Designer Subin Hahn has combined his love for art and spirituality in his fashion collection, which is evident in his designs. The clothes are designed with the hope that they help people embrace their inner spirits and celebrate their unique tastes. 

The brand can be contacted using the information provided below. 

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Country: Korea