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How to build real estate for the future with CryptoCribClub?

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How to build real estate for the future with CryptoCribClub?

January 10
13:09 2023

What is NFT?

NFT (Non-fungible tokens) are unique digital tokens which is very popular globally and used as marketing tools on a daily basis. NFTs are purchased with cryptocurrency, via the blockchain, sole ownership of a digital asset – such as digital art or music, are securely grant, where ownerships are able to be traced publicly and marketed easily, often for speculative prices. NFTs can be implemented and executed effortlessly, but it’s difficult to apply them to slow moving industries such as real estate. 

Real estate industries felt the risks, developers are trying to grab headlines by listing properties for various digital currencies, and purchasers looking to convert their valuable digital assets into real properties. In recent years, real estate’s crypto trend has been rapidly growing, in order to discover possibilities of trading properties through just a touch of finger tip via NFTs.

How do Real Estate NFTs work?

According to research, in May, TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington listed his apartment in Kiev, Ukraine, as a real estate-backed NFT via the real estate platform Propy, after initially purchasing the property using Ethereum in 2017. More recently, developer Prometheus sold two luxury homes in Portugal for Cardano cryptocurrency, and also made ownership available via NFT, “allowing future owners to resell the properties at the click of a button via Blockchain tech.”

Real estate NFTs are purchased using a cryptocurrency in a digital wallet, if speculative, and trade again for a profit to a purchaser with fair amount of money.


Investments held perform more like stocks in that they fractionize the share of real estate project. Profits are paid like any other kind of fraction-based investment since ownership is just a share of a business. Just like any types of stocks, NFTs owners have the right to trade those tokens anytime. Several real estate investments with crowdfunding platforms require owners to retain their shares for a specific period of time, and NFT-backed platforms will also likely have a minimum hold time as they become more valuable.

Digital real estate can be registered using NFTs as they do not have any regulatory rules since it only exists in a virtual world which is financially regulated. Virtual world often referred to as “the metaverse” where owners can interact and build freely.

Just like real-life real estate, virtual real estate lots are designated parcels within the space designated for the platform. There is limited parcels available depending on the space of the platform which creates the supply-demand as the physical world with limited lands.

What is CryptoCribClub?

CryptoCribClub as known as C3, started in Malaysia in the year 2022, and is a fast growing platform, currently expanded to Philippines, Indonesia and many more. C3 is a platform that relates real estates with NFTs, building communities and empowering members of communities with opportunities, deal flow and rewards. They have multiple IRL partnerships globally and are constantly building and establishing real-life utilisation opportunities for its NFT membership.


C3 will be the World’s First NFT Company to enable its members to earn points to be tradable and usable for real-life perks and rewards whilst travelling the globe.

CryptoCribClub Roadmap

  1. Building a real community to connect real estate professionals, property developers, agents, investors, Web3.0 experts, developers and so much more.
  2. Exclusive access to participate in IRL real estate deals and metavers projects, exclusive content and videos provided to our members by our real estate experts.
  3. Online and IRL events to be held by experts on real estate, blockchain technology, start-ups, and a special raffle system to reward our community
  4. Ability to stake your NFTs to earn unique tokens to be used within our ecosystem to obtain IRL rewards whilst you travel the world.
  5. Multiple future airdrops, the first airdrop will be featuring female version of our genesis collection!  Watch out for unique combinations and future reveals.
  6. Build DAO for our members to have access to a decentralized real estate portfolio managed by our team. Fractionalized real estate ownership is in progress.

C3 platform is going global, and joining C3 now is just as holding the golden ticket to digital wealth. In the future, C3 will develop into powerful WEB3.0 infrastructure with user communities and digital transformation of the real estate industry, creating a sustainable development ecosystem and distributing benefits based on value contributions. The development model will serve the public and benefits the society, and creating a win-win situation for all parties.

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