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Which Is Better, Solar Street Light Or Ordinary Street Light?

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Which Is Better, Solar Street Light Or Ordinary Street Light?

January 10
12:16 2023

Which is better, solar street light or ordinary street light? Solar street light and ordinary 220v AC street light, in the end which is more cost effective? Based on this question, many buyers feel puzzled, do not know how to choose, the following amber high-tech company to carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages between the two, to see which lamps and lanterns are more suitable for our needs.First, the working principle: ① solar street light working principle is that the solar panel collects sunlight, effective light collection time from 10:00 a.m. to about 4:00 p.m. (in the northern summer, for example), the light energy into electricity, through the controller will be stored in the prefabricated colloidal battery, to wait for the sun to go down, the light is not enough, resulting in solar panel light collection voltage below 5 volts, the controller will automatically activate street light and start lighting. ②The working principle of 220v street light is that the main line of street light will be connected in series all from above or below ground beforehand, and then connected with the street light line, and then through the time controller, the street light lighting time will be set, a few points on, a few points off. Second, the scope of application: solar street lights are suitable for areas where electricity resources are scarce, due to some areas affected by environmental and construction difficulties and other factors, this situation is a more appropriate choice to choose solar street lights, there are some rural and highway center isolation zone area, the main line of this case overhead words, subject to sun exposure, thunderstorms and other factors, easily lead to damage to lamps or wire over-aging triggered by circuit breakers.

Take the underground words, but also the high cost of the pipe, this time the solar street light becomes the best choice. Similarly, in areas with sufficient electrical energy resources and convenient line connections, 220v street lights are also a good choice.Third, the service life: in terms of service life, if the use of LED street lights, the same brand of the same quality, I think 220v street lights have a slight advantage, because LED street lights themselves have been very energy efficient, this time in the case of calculating the cost of electricity, although solar energy does not use 220v voltage, that is, no electricity costs, but every 5 years or so to replace a battery cost has been much higher than the cost of 220v AC street lights (only for LED lamps and lanterns, except high-pressure sodium lamps).Fourth, the configuration of lamps and lanterns: whether it is AC 220v street lights, or solar street lights, now the mainstream LED light source, because this light source has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, ultra-long life, etc., the rural streets of the pole in the 6 – 8 m height, can be configured 20w – 40wLED light source (equivalent to 60w – 120w energy-saving lamps brightness).Five, the respective disadvantages: the disadvantages of solar street lights ① every 5 years or so, the battery must be replaced once. ② subject to the influence of rainy days, the general configuration of the battery after withstanding three consecutive rainy days, the battery power will be depleted, no longer able to provide night lighting. ③ night lighting time can not be unified online adjustment (winter and summer lighting time is much different, need to change the time, to be adjusted one by one). 220v AC street light disadvantages: ① can not be adjusted to the current of the LED light source, resulting in the entire lighting period is full power, in the second half of the night does not need too much lighting brightness is still full power, a waste of energy. ② lamps and lanterns main cable as long as the problem is difficult to deal with (underground and overhead are very troublesome) a short circuit, you have to go from one to another to investigate, the light can be connected to repair, the heavy need to replace the entire cable all. ③ As the light pole are steel body, conductive performance is very strong, if the rainy day occurred even electricity, 220v voltage will endanger life safety.


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