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Grandma’s Holly Berry Christmas Cookies

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Grandma’s Holly Berry Christmas Cookies

May 18
16:34 2023

The book “Grandma’s Holly Berry Christmas Cookies” by author D.V. Lang is a new and delightfully entertaining story. But, don’t let the title or Christmas theme dissuade you. Although the story is set in the Christmas season, the message and circumstances are identifiable and relevant in any season or time of year.  Nonetheless, this is a story that will stand the test of time, and it is a story destined to become a Christmas classic and staple for the holiday season. So, get yours early.

The story is an authentic tale that emphasizes the importance of family customs and traditions. It celebrates the resilience of family and family love. But it’s not a pie in the sky story. It’s real. And it’s based on real conditions faced by many families on a daily basis. Yet, D. V. Lang has magically married the real into a fascinating story of hope and seamlessly blended it into the holiday season.  

You’ll cheer on the delightful main character,–Mars, and you’ll want her rewarded for all the trust she places in the hope that a beloved family tradition will save her family and end the despair they’re all feeling. You’ll soon find yourself believing too, and you’ll want her family’s beloved tradition to stir the hearts in your family.

The tale brings the story of an endearing family to life. The tradition-centered masterpiece, “Grandma’s Holly Berry Christmas Cookies” has at it’s core the loving and caring family matriarch–their grandmother, sisters—Merry or Mars,–as those close to her call her, and twin sisters, Miranda, and Marissa.  

When sisters love, their love is deep and powerful, but when sisters hate, every bit of that energy is reversed and that deep, powerful, emotion is every bit as potent as when they love.  Unfortunately, and especially in close knitted families like the one in this story, these disputes don’t stay between the parties of differing perspectives and opinions. Instead, they tend to ricochet through the family and threaten everything that they’ve ever known.

This book is focused on such a conflict. It develops among the sisters and spreads through the family after some unfortunate and horrible events that leaves the sisters in a level of chaos that they could have never imagined before it happened. As it goes in these circumstances, the more time that elapses with the relationships unmended the more likely it is that they’ll deteriorate into dangerous territory.

This is the situation for our characters when the story begins. But, there’s a last hope, a final effort at attempting to bridge the gap of anger, pain, and blame, and to overcome the widening gap that’s growing between them. Will our hero be able to change minds and pull this off? You know how to find out.

To further bring the story to life dear reader, the author has commissioned for you, a unique gift. It lets you more than read the book. It allows you to share in the tradition and experience the book in a more direct first hand manner. More than that, D. V. Lang invites you to give it a try and even incorporate it into your families’ annual holiday tradition. Take advantage of this unique perspective and rarely given means of direct involvement in the book that you read. It will become as beloved and treasured a tradition in your family, as the heartwarming feeling of rocking in grandma’s lap while sucking your thumb.

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