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Speak It To Keep It founder Ramont Smith gears up for his upcoming TED Talk on ‘Lecture Max Study Skills’

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Speak It To Keep It founder Ramont Smith gears up for his upcoming TED Talk on ‘Lecture Max Study Skills’

May 19
00:28 2023
Ramont Smith reveals that college students should use ‘Spaced Speaking Review’ to maximize their learning during lectures.

Ramont Joseph Smith, the founder of Speak It To Keep It, has been invited to give a TED Talk on ‘Lecture Max Study Skills,’ where he will reveal the importance of ‘Spaced Speaking Review’ for college students. The talk is scheduled for May 20 and will be available for students and educators online afterward.

Recall is one of the main challenges students face, leading to students trying various methods to maximize their learning in lectures. Unfortunately, most of these methods, like cramming, remain ineffective. Fortunately, Spaced Speaking Review is a technique that has been shown to be effective in helping students retain information. According to Ramont, this technique also gives students a deeper understanding of the information they are learning. Essentially, spaced speaking review involves revisiting lecture content and saying it out loud to make memorizing easy.

Contrary to what most students do, Ramont encourages a healthy balance rather than spending all the time trying to memorize things. During his TED Talk, Ramont hopes to empower students by increasing their learning speed while encouraging self-development in all aspects of life. At the same time, Ramont will introduce the Lecture Max App, which is expected to launch soon and help students discover their learning potential.

Speak It To Keep It introduces study skills training techniques focusing on developing students’ natural ability to learn rapidly during lectures. Spaced Speaking Review is based on proven science concepts that encourage students to speak out loud before, during, and after lessons to boost learning and recall. In his Ted Talk, Ramont will explore the science behind Spaced Speaking Review and share in-depth how this technique enhances learning in various settings. His presentation will share insights and experiences from extensive research that helps students and educators implement effective and practical learning strategies.

According to Ramont, besides applying effective learning strategies, creating engaging and interactive environments that are conducive to learning is the key to boosting learning and retention. Speak It To Keep It encourages learning environments that break lecture content into sections with spaced interactive reviews to help students understand the concepts taught, retain the information, and apply the knowledge acquired in meaningful ways.

Ramont believes Spaced Speaking Review is a powerful technique that makes a real difference in students’ lives. He looks forward to the college lecture max study skills session to share his knowledge and experience on effective study techniques with a broader audience. The TED Talk is an excellent opportunity for students, educators, and anyone interested in education to learn more about the Speak It To Keep It way of learning for enhanced retention and understanding.

As he prepares for his upcoming TED Talk, Ramont invites people to explore Speak It To Keep It to discover new study skills and learn more about the Lecture Max App launch.

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