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Nuovo Film Inc. and Cambrios Film Solutions Corporation Extend Patent Cross-Licensing Agreement

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Nuovo Film Inc. and Cambrios Film Solutions Corporation Extend Patent Cross-Licensing Agreement

May 24
00:48 2023
Nuovo Film Inc. and Cambrios Film Solutions Corporation Extend Patent Cross-Licensing Agreement
Upholding intellectual property rights, working together to foster technological innovation and to promote industry development

Suzhou Industrial Park, China – May 23, 2023 – Nuovo Film Inc. and Cambrios Film Solutions Corporation announced today that they have extended their mutual patent licensing agreement on silver nanowire technology, marking a significant milestone in their collaboration. This partnership will enable both companies to concentrate on the development of products and technology, strengthen their competitive advantage in the market, and advance the silver nanowire industry together.

Under the mutual patent licensing agreement, both parties will cover a range of core technology patents in the field of silver nanowire, including synthesis and purification of silver nanowire materials, roll-to-roll coating processes, and formulations and structures for touch screen applications. With Cambrios’ outstanding achievements in advanced materials and technology processes, as well as the vast upstream and downstream industry network built by Nuovo Film over the years, the development of silver nanowire materials in the global markets of touch screen display industry will be further improved, forming a scale effect that provides greater value for customers.

“Our team has been committed to the development of original technology for silver nanowire materials, including the independent design of most of production line equipment”, said Dr. HakFei Poon, founder and chairman of Nuovo Film. “Over the years, Nuovo Film has completed the construction and improvement of the entire supply chain, including global substrate supply, compatible OCA and conductive silver paste, IC program optimization, and has built an ecosystem that best meets the trend of the industry development.”

“While continuously researching and innovating to develop the next-generation silver nanowire and related production technology, Cambrios is also committed to transforming research results into intellectual property”, said Tsung-Liang Tsai, CEO of Cambrios. “We currently hold the most foundational, the largest in quantity, the strongest and the most comprehensive patent portfolio in the silver nanowire field. We advocate an open intellectual property licensing strategy, hoping to form strategic partnerships with upstream and downstream companies through activities such as mutual patent licensing, while continuously challenging patent infringement through legitimate means to maintain the overall market order of the silver nanowire industry. This mutual patent licensing agreement with Nuovo Film not only showcases our intellectual property policy in practice but also represents our high recognition of Nuovo Film’s efforts in respecting the intellectual property of others and successfully opening up the domestic market. We believe that with the collaboration of both companies, silver nanowire technology can be further adopted in more application areas and expand its market penetration.”

About Nuovo Film Inc.

Nuovo Film Inc. was founded in Silicon Valley in 2012 and specializes in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of silver nanowire materials, with applications in touchscreens, photovoltaic energy storage, and smart cars. With a focus on independent and sustained innovation, the company has become a global leader in the silver nanowire industry, having filed multiple patents from material development to process technology.

In 2021, Nuovo Film was recognized by the Chinese Electronics Society and a team of academic experts led by an academy member as a trailblazing international technological breakthrough. The company’s products have been widely used in various fields such as video conference boards, education whiteboards (EWB), medical equipment, foldable devices, and smart kiosks. Nuovo Film has formed partnerships with world-renowned brands such as Zoom, HiteVision, CVTE, Intel, and Hewlett-Packard.

The company commands a 60% market share in the industry, with its factory achieving mass production in 2014 and having shipped over 2 million square meters of products to date. Notably, over 300,000 of 86” equivalent touch-enabled modules have been shipped, with a cumulative field return rate of less than 0.04% over four years. In 2022, Nuovo Film closed its Series D financing.

About Cambrios Film Solutions Corporation

Cambrios Film Solutions Corporation, formerly known as Cambrios Technologies, was established in Silicon Valley in 2004. The company has been a pioneer in investing in research and development of silver nanowire technology and product innovation for many years. In 2006, Cambrios started to actively lay out patents for the silver nanowire industry, covering upstream ink materials, midstream conductive films, downstream touch sensors, and terminal-related applications. As a result, it has formed the most comprehensive patent portfolio both domestically and abroad, which makes it a leader in silver nanowire technology in both the domestic and international markets.

Continuing to invest in high-end products, Cambrios has recently developed the latest generation of silver nanowire that can achieve a haze value of 0.15% with 70 Ω/sq sheet resistance and maintain a length-to-diameter ratio greater than 1000, showcasing excellent optical properties. Moreover, the higher surface activity of silver nanowire reduces the film-forming temperature to below 100°C, which is a significant benefit for the breadth of product applications and the development of corporate ESG. The outstanding physical properties of flexibility and stretchability make it perfectly suited for medium and small-sized products requiring high transparency and high sensitivity folding. This product has broad application prospects in green energy industries such as medical equipment, solar energy, and smart windows.

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Cambrios Film Solutions Corporation

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