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May 25
17:39 2023
From software for Human Resources departments to customer relationship management and marketing, will find and manage all SaaS applications for clients. This AI-Powered platform is fast and efficient, saving money and time for everyone involved.

The future of business development and management is in AI. With resources like ChatGPT and SaaS, businesses are saving themselves effort and money by utilizing these technological advancements. However, with different software for each service needed, it can be challenging to manage and know what to use for each application. finds the SaaS applications needed on a business’s behalf and manages all of them in one convenient place. With the ability to log in to just one site to manage all the SaaS tools a company uses, is the best choice for SaaS finding and managing.  

The benefits of and how to use this SaaS Manager has collected information for more than 20,000 SaaS platforms with numerous uses. This allows the AI, powered by ChatGPT, to find the best solution for a business’s needs. Users can pose just about any question about SaaS to, and this SaaS Finder will provide excellent recommendations on what software would be the best option for that company’s needs based on their request. 

For example, if one were to ask, “What is the best HR option for a small business?”, would come back with multiple options that would fit, such as Workday or BambooHR. The response from doesn’t just include a list of SaaS applications. It also describes the uses and what type of business usually utilizes a specific application to help users choose the best one for their own needs.  

Acting as a virtual SaaS consultant, searches the massive database of SaaS platforms it can integrate with to create the perfect selections for users. When using, it only takes a few minutes to integrate a new SaaS into a business’s portfolio to use. They save an average of 40% on SaaS fees by using this SaaS Manager, and they don’t need to keep track of everything on their own.  

Businesses that know which SaaS platforms they want to use, as well as ones that have never used SaaS before, can benefit significantly from the time and money savings of Instead of worrying about multiple logins for various SaaS platforms, users of get to enjoy a lifetime of free single sign-on.  


The possibilities for SaaS applications are endless. Each one that is appropriately utilized saves additional time and money, further pushing a company into the future of business management.  

Utilizing means having a virtual consultant that is always available to answer questions and recommend applications. It also means saving 40% on application fees and always signing into every SaaS platform from one single sign-on. With the convenience and expert knowledge provided by, there’s truly no better option for businesses of any size.  

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